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Water Skiing and Wake Boarding

If you are wondering what this is well imagine yourself swimming, floating along a river surrounded by huge cliffs either side of you, eagles soaring above you in the deep blue skies, swimming under waterfalls, jumping off water falls, jumping from boulder to boulder. This is Canyoning in El Chorro. A must for anybody and everybody.

What you need to bring

All equipment, buoyancy aids and helmets etc, are supplied. The water is not cold in these months.
Trainers or good strap sandals that don't come off easy. Water shorts / usual swim wear A disposable water proof camera.
Canyoning (known in the U.S. as canyoneering) is a sport popular in several countries. It involves travelling down creeks or streams within a canyon by a variety of means including walking, scrambling, climbing, abseiling, swimming and "li-loing" (using an inflatable air mattress). It requires skills in navigation, ropework, climbing, avoiding hypothermia etc.

Typically what separates a canyon from any ordinary stream is the narrow passage created by erosion into bedrock, creating beautiful sculptured walls and spectacular waterfalls.





Author: Robert Jeacocke and Kirsty MacKinnon